our philosophy

Time is priceless.

Especially yours.

You crush your to do list and the world.

And you do it all without an off switch.

Even when it comes to looking and feeling amazing.


Being always on takes a lot.

But keeping your hair color fresh shouldn’t.

Say hi to your new beauty BFF, dynfly.

A pop in, touch up your roots, pop out kind of place.

Because sometimes ‘right now’ is the best time to add color to your life.


You don’t take any crap, so our dye’s the best of the industry best.

Plus, we keep your personalized MyDye™ color DNA on file.

So you can stay connected to your color, not your colorist.

We’ll get you in and out in under an hour, every single time.

Because the perfect shade of color makes everything better.


So keep killin’ it out there.

And we’ll be here whenever you need us.

No appointment needed.

To give you always on color for your always on life.

So they never catch you with your roots out.

the visionary

George Nikollaj is the expert and dreamer behind the brand, whose love for hair is truly contagious. With over 25 years in the salon business, he’s built strong relationships and deep roots in Detroit and beyond.


Through his expert affiliations, pure dedication and strong passion for hairdressing, George has been instrumental in the development and growth of the dynfly brand. He’s a true people person who enjoys interacting with passerbys and making small talk, no matter how busy he may be, and a sports fanatic who can be found at just about every event in Detroit, oftentimes, with his wife and three girls.